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Bringing The World To Your Screen
Samanyolu Television is an International TV Channel that broadcasts over more than a hundred countries. Its broadcasting area covers Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.

Samanyolu Television is an International TV Channel that broadcasts over more than a hundred countries. Its broadcasting area covers Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. It is one of the most prominent TV channels of Turkey. Being one of the most popular series produced for Samanyolu, Ayna Programme has been producing documentary films about foreign countries since 1995. So far, the Ayna team filmed nearly 100 countries in the world. The programme mainly focus upon the cultural and traditional lives, customs, touristic sites, beautiful spots and daily lives of countries. Thanks to the programme, our audience virtually visit those countries and raise potential tourists for those countries. According to AGB, the international rating company, Ayna programme has been the most widely watched national documentary programme in Turkey. It is a unique programme in our country presenting the countries in an original perspective. To many awards given to the producer until today, a new award of "The Most Successful TV Programme of Living" which was given by the Association of Radio-Television Journalists was added this year.   

The main aim of AYNA is to inform our viewers about the globalizing world, to contribute to our nation in determining its position in the world order and to strengthen Turkey’s peaceful and constructive relations with other nations. The main concept of the program is the general introduction of countries – the presentation of interesting and attractive features, traditions and local practices of those countries. The AYNA team has many exclusive achievements. For example, AYNA was the first Turkish television team to visit Yakutistan, where temperatures fall below -70°C. Our viewers saw the Ottoman Castle in Kenya, and Bender Castle in Moldova first via AYNA. Again AYNA was the first Turkish television team to go down the Savuka Gold Mine in South Africa, the deepest mine in the world. It was an exciting experience as a lift took us down to a depth of 3,777m at about 7m/s into the earth's crust. During our visit to Japan, Ayna was the first television team to be invited on to a Japanese battleship by its captain. And Ayna found, in the National Library of Bulgaria, the Ottoman archives that were sold as scrap paper to Bulgaria in 1931. Viewers of Ayna were privileged to see these archives on Turkish Television. In Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ayna was the first Program to show the Imperial Order of Sultan Mehmet, the Conqueror of Constantinople, that secured the religious liberties and rights, and the properties of local Christians.

Thus far, the Ayna team has traveled to different countries in Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. At times the Ayna team fed giraffes and at others walked the savanna with baby elephants. In South Africa, the team entered into "Soweto", where 4 million blacks live, and where no white man has courage to enter, and reflected to its viewers the daily life of these people. Our team traveled between the Southern and Northern hemispheres in Uganda, passing from one hemisphere to the next with only one step over the equator. We walked the forests of Uganda where Tarzan was filmed and showed the place where the River Nile originates. In the Philippines we saw Badgaoes, who think it is inauspicious to live on land, and met another tribe of people who eat mole crickets on rice fields. And in Nairobi We saw restaurants that offer crocodile meat. These are only a few of the interesting scenes captured for its viewers by Ayna.

The Non-biting crocodiles were first shown by the Ayna program in

Turkey – according to the locals, these 80 crocodiles do not attack humans because the water they live in is holy. The team held these crocodiles and even chased those sunbathing into the river. In one episode our producer petted lions in South Africa and put pythons around his neck. At other times, he addressed our viewers from the 4 meter wide, 10 meter high and 2400 km long Great Wall of China. Ayna researched the mysteries of the Pyramids in Egypt, build with stones that weighs 15 tons each. The team was captivated by and reflected the breathtaking beauty of the Cape of Good Hope, the point where two oceans meet. We filmed the place where the Ertughrul Frigate sank, this event contributed immensely to lasting Turkish-Japanese relations. The team reflected scenes from Spain and Gibraltar, the meeting place of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Viewers also saw the interesting lives of Aborigines in Australia thanks to Ayna. Ayna filmed Yemen and its historical sites, where the Ottomans ruled for 400 years. Searching through archives in Yemen, the Ayna team found names of Ottoman soldiers who went there and never came back. Ayna will continue to bring the world to Television screens. Different places, different faces, different cultures and different lives will continue to be seen on Ayna. We hope to see you on many more fascinating Ayna Programs.

With each day the number of Ayna viewers increases. Fully aware of our increasing rating, the Ayna team vows to never give up on its aim and desire to prepare the best and the most fascinating programs for their viewers. Hundreds of telephone calls and e-mail messages from our viewers clearly indicate the high level of appreciation of our Ayna program.



2009-12-24 11:38:46

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shahram 2013-07-17 14:37:24 - 
marhaba afandim sizden chock tashekur ederiz iyi programlar ichin.afandim ban tabrizden (iran)programinizi izliyorikh sizden rija ederikh tabrizede gelesiz.chok tashakurler sizleri chok seviyouruz

ahmet ünver 2012-02-26 15:48:07 - 
süper ben sürekli seyrediyorum cok sağolun sakın bizi aynasız burakmayın teşekürler saim bey ve ayna ekibi

ferhat 2012-01-15 12:20:16 - 
her hafta izliyorum izledikce keyif alıyorum cok guzel 1 belgesel görmedigimiz ülkerleri sayenizde görüyoruz elıne saglık tek kelimeyle harıkasınız:D

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